This board came around after making a new board for myself I wanted to go back to basics and was missing a board from my quiver this would be a go to board for most days on the north east coast i rembered riding the w.o.c model few years back a nice all round board with a half moon tail so I outlined this board again and set about makin it as it happens the half moon tail did not come out the way I wanted it to so chopped it off back into a squash but was now left with a board that I felt was to wide in the tail previously that day I had shaped a nice double bump diamond tail so running with the wings I put these into the board to reduce the tail area without reducing the overall width end result is a double bump squash tail

I ran with the same concaves as the ride on time model and the end result is a little rocket

goes well in waist to over head surf

order around the same as your height or 2″ shorter

sizes 5’6-6’2