“Don’t loose the file its the best dimension wise to date”

-Danny Allott custom step up

“Hey mate just wanted to say new board going great. not just for small fat waves – also feels really good in sucky beach breaks. liking it alot. easy paddle in (great for me as lazy paddler) and turns great

-Danny O’Connor – whatever floats your boat

 “on the way back from my nye trip. i finally managed to get the enterprise out on some overhead clean walls i had a blast. easy to catch waves, handles late drops really well, instant speed and carves like a dream. the manoeuvrability is insane, it holds a line really well but can turn super tight arcs. i think you’ve cracked the formula”

-Alan – enterprise model

“Hey mate. just to let you know. The big green bastard is flying. Cant say i know logs that well. But actually accidently taken it out in bigger stuff and its actually  taking the drop pretty well…. Also had some 2 hour surfs when its been 2ft @ 7secs, which is why i got it….im gonna be on the prowl for a winter board soon”

- John - racing green longboard 

“Cheers for the board mate. its been perfect to improve on. exactly what i needed “

- Harry Green – custom 6’8 

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